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About Us

J.ING is a Los Angeles based Womenswear line, defined by a combination of youthful charm, femininity and eternal positivity. These perfectly designed essentials are both effortless and chic; strong, yet meek; mixing each piece with superior tailoring and the highest level of quality and fit. Every collection exudes a freshness, a sparkle that produces a moment that will last beyond this lifetime.

Whether you are needing to transform your chic daytime look into to an unforgettable night out, jetting off to Paris for a romantic getaway or, simply, sharing warm fuzzy moments with family, J.ING is here to fit the transitional needs of each chapter in your life.

In this era of disposable attire, Jing Zeng, had a strong desire to create a brand that embodied grace, quality, and style. As an empowered mother, Jing truly understands the precious tender moments of motherhood; she also understands the importance of keeping your spark alive!

“Every woman should feel and be empowered,” J.ING Founder states. Admitting that it was through her journey of having a desire to make women feel lively, courageous and limitless. That passionate fire led to birthing J.ING.

With a focus on true statement pieces, tailored strong lines, a feminine personality and a sense of quality that endures, season after season. J.ING embodies a deliberate balance between sophistication and ease, adding a youthful, daring and confident allure.

Our commitment to sustainability is within our fabric and the construction of each garment in our collection. We sourced from suppliers of all over the world and create one-of-a-kind fabrics that are as luxurious as they are conscientious. Moreover, J.ING is committed to supporting the work of artisans and empowering their communities.  We believe that fashion is a powerful platform for positive global change. The way we dress influences the way we live, feel and interact with the world around us. So command the room and live the authentic J.ING lifestyle, in style.