Author: Youxi Liu

I love clothing/brands which can best present who I am. And now I found J.ING is the one. 

Product Review

The off-the-shoulder stretch blue top caught my eyes initially by its combination of elegance and subtlety. The baby blue color brings the summer breezy feeling which can easily pair with jeans, white pants, or summer skirts. The dropped shoulders design provides the perfect level of body exposure. The puffed sleeves made this piece very trendy and added a layer of complexity to it. The way the blouse wraps around the body makes it comfortable to wear but shapes my waist perfectly. The material is medium weight which make the blouse comfortable for early summer days and keeps the details of the ruffle design in great shape. 



What I Like?

What I like the most about this piece is the possibility of styles it can offer in different outfits. By wearing a pair of straight jeans and my sneakers, I am ready to go to the local farmer’s market on weekends. By switching to a pair of shorts, I see myself going to the local park playing with my friends’ children. Even to attend a special event, a dressy skirt with a pair of high heels makes the outfit quite classy.


When I received the actual piece, it looks just like the images on J.ING’s website. One little suggestion is about the color description on the product web page. The “blue” color looks very differently than the actual color of this piece which was a bit confusing when I first try to decide which color to purchase. By only looking at the color options round dots, it did not appeal to me immediately. Not until I clicked on the blue color and saw more images with model’s try-on photos totally changed my feelings about the color. The actual color is quite similar to the photos with the model try-on images. 

Overall Experience

The overall shopping experience is quite pleasant. It was my first time participating in J.ING’s Try-And-Tell program. Once I confirmed my personal information with one of the staff members, my package was shipped very quickly. The tracking system was very user-friendly and helpful as to I can see live status with the delivery man. It was helpful especially during current situation when delivery services have been disruptive in many cases.

Overall, it was such a nice experience and I look forward to future collaboration with J.ING.