For coffee dates, is the way to go.

7 Fall Activities TO Get Excited ABout

September is already half-way over, and settling back into school or the office life has surely been no walk in the park. But getting back to the grind is part of the deal, and there's still a handful of things to be excited about for this Fall - if not more. 

We've found seven of the most exciting things to look forward to this season(besides the obvious end-of-October costume celebration) that will make this last quarter of the year a memorable one. Here are seven fall activities that you can start planning for...


Fall is known as the "season of love" for the very reason that more people fall in love and get married during fall than they do in any other season. If you're single, it's the perfect time to accept an invitation to a cute day-time coffee date. If you're not looking, then catch up with your friends over a cup of your favorite seasonal drink and feel the warmth.  

If you're already boo'd up, you can still enjoy a cup with your sweety - or better yet, you can whip up your own coffee drink together and sip by the fire. 

Even if the weather hasn't gotten much cooler (Los Angeles - I'm looking at you), any excuse to drink your favorite fall-inspired roast is a good enough reason to indulge! And who knows? You might find the perfect partner to finish the remaining six activities on this list with!

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Visiting the pumpkin patch may be one of the most nostalgic pass-times during Fall. You can do so much with a pumpkin besides carving out jack-o-lanterns; pumpkins are a great way to decorate your house, or you can use them to make homemade pumpkin puree. You can make your own facial masks! You're sure to have a local pumpkin patch pop up, so don't hesitate to go.

Whether you're going with family or with a date, pumpkin picking is a fun and wholesome activity that helps to bring out that feeling of Fall-time magic. 

Pumpkin Patch Look


Primarily a festivity carried out in an empty stadium lot and on the tailgate of one's pick-up truck, tailgating is now widely instituted by fans of American football, but baseball, hockey and basketball fans have taken to throwing their own before the game begins to grub on freshly-made food and crack open a few cold ones. 

It's a tradition that's become ubiquitous in the fall and winter season, whether you're an avid sports fan or just a lover of good food and rowdiness. 

Tailgate Party Look

You'll be outside for most of the event, and even if things are heating up during the beginning, you'll want to make sure that you're prepared for the cold that will creep in towards the end of the game. Wear something you can peel off during the warmer hours of the day. Wear your favorite t-shirt or even your jersey underneath this outfit. Just keep it comfy and casual and enjoy the fun! Fall temperatures are pretty temperamental these days, but you can still look cute without sacrificing comfort!


If you're a thrill-seeker and love to get the living *ahem - expletive* scared out of you, then a haunted hayride might tickle your fancy.

Haunted hayrides are a prevalent attraction during the fall season - especially as it gets closer to October. Ride-goers should expect to experience plenty of spooky encounters on the way to their destination, which is more often than not a haunted house maze. 

This long-time attraction is not for the weak-of-heart, and we don't suggest hitching a haunted hayride unless you really like spooky things. Otherwise, it might be a bit too intense. 

Then again, if you go with your beau (or the cutie from last week's coffee date) it can be a perfect excuse to cuddle up close. 

Haunted Hayride Look

During a haunted hayride, you will be riding on a bed of hay that's been rolled around in dirt and stepped on by countless riders that have passed through before you. Make sure you're not wearing something that you can't get a little dirty - especially if you don't know what weird liquids you might accidentally get on you (fake blood is not fun to wash off!). Since haunted hayrides are typically an evening activity, the weather might be chilly. Make sure you're well-protected from the elements, since hayrides take place in the back of an open wagon. You'll be exposed to the cold, so don't go with just a sweater! Especially when there's sure to be surprises that chill you to the bone along the way. Leggings are a good idea if you plan on making a run for it without fear of tripping over yourself or anyone else. Yes, we are overthinking this a little. Better safe than sorry!


What's better than camping during the fall season? Renting out a cabin in the woods and inviting your friends and family for an overnight soiree! 

Get bundled up and fancy for a fun feast that involves music, s'mores, a delicious dinner/plenty of finger foods, and dancing the night away in a rented cabin or Air B'n'B for the weekend! Be sure to reserve a space that has privacy and plenty of spare rooms for your tipsy party guests. 

What's the occasion? The fall season itself is worth celebrating! The air is crisp in the mountainous or wooded areas, and being surrounded by beautiful orange and gold-colored leaves is a majestic feeling. Uplift your spirits with a celebration for the sake of autumn!

Stock the tables with champagne or sparkling cider and don't forget a pumpkin cheesecake if you REALLY want to impress your guests!


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There's no better excuse to take a trip to Munich, Germany than Oktoberfest. This long-held tradition that officially begins on the second to last Saturday of September, and last until the 7th of October. 

A German tradition that started as a wedding celebration and spans back over 200 years, Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivals around the world. And it's no surprise why - attendees from all over the globe fly to Munich to partake in a two-week celebration of the best German beers available, delicious aged whiskey and spirits, traditional German delicacies that consist of roasted meats, sausages and pretzels, and the company of over 6 million (you read that correctly - MILLION) fun-loving attendees all dressed in traditional Bavarian garb (men will wear lederhosen while women will wear dirndls), though that isn't a requirement. 

Don't fret if you can't afford to make the trip - plenty of fairgrounds have instilled their very own Oktoberfest-inspired festival, so check for one in your area!

Oktoberfest Look

If you don't plan on going all-out in a traditional lederhosen or dirndl, or if you plan on going to your local Oktoberfest (or, what I'd like to call "Mocktober fest" (or even throwing your own!), our Corset Vest Shirt Dress is perfect for its adaptability, unique style and distinctly fun look. 


Of course we are finishing off the list with the next-best thing to Thanksgiving itself - Friendsgiving. 

Although the two are nearly identically celebrated, Friendsgiving is a celebration that is reserved for - you guessed it - friends, as well as those who are close to you but not related by blood or marriage. 

The differences between Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving are virtually nonexistent, save for the special traditions that are unique to either party. Both involve a table teeming with lots and lots of coma-inducing food and an endless amount of gratitude for the people in your life - despite the fraught circumstances from which this national holiday originated. It's become more of a celebration of giving thanks (and maybe paying respects to the native inhabitants and indigenous tribes of what is now America). 

Friendsgiving Look

Whether you're hosting a Friendsgiving Party at your own home or attending one thrown by your friends, make sure you dress nicely for the occasion.

TIP: If you're heading to a friend's as a guest, remember to bring something to add to the party that everyone can can enjoy, such as a few bottles of wine or a homemade dish with double the expected servings (in case of seconds). Never show up empty-handed to any get-together unless specified by the host, though it's always best practice to show up with something anyway, whether it's a small house gift for the host or the offer to do the dishes if you forget your contribution.