What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

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It’s almost that time of the year again. Fashion Week starts September 8th! You’ve either been planning your outfits for months or this is catching you entirely by surprise. Either way, you’re going to need something to wear! We’ve got a list of styles for you to take into consideration if you’re scrambling for outfit inspiration. 

Military Jacket Looks

Military-style jackets and jumpsuits were a favorite during season seventeen of New York Fashion Week. This look is starting to make a comeback as we enter fall. Fitted jackets, dresses, and vests in this style are always a chic option.

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Long Flowy Dresses

Midi dresses with ruffled hems and floral patterns have been a summer staple in 2021. We don’t see why this trend wouldn’t continue into Fashion Week. Quite the contrary! It’s time to enjoy this style to its fullest. 

Chic Co-ords

Fashion Week attendees are crazy for uniform looks. Take things a step further and go for an absolute monochrome vibe if you’re feelin’ it!

Bold Colors

Harper’s Bazaar spotted Jessica Minkoff as “a vision in neon green.” Summer pastels and bright shades are here to stay as we enter the pre-fall season.

Fabulous Trench Coats

Kerry Pieri shows off a boost of confidence in a white trench coat and platform boots, according to Harper’s Bazaar. A trench coat is a timeless need in every New Yorker’s wardrobe. No better way to look like a local at New York Fashion Week than with this item!

Loud Patterns and Prints

Stand out without the effort! Throw on a chic graphic pullover, dress, or co-ord. Fashion is all about experimenting and finding unique ways to make an outfit your own. Starting with a vibrant pattern is one way to find out which colorful statement pieces are your thing!

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Statement Accessories

Handbags, hats, and jewelry seem to hold their own each year. Complete your outfit with the trendiest bags, chunky necklaces, and even hair accessories. Don’t forget your mask!

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Power Suits

Strut across the runway in boss babe chic like these J.ING suits. We’ve got pencil skirts, Bermuda shorts, and trousers for you to pair with matching blazers. You can try a short-sleeved blazer or something oversized for extra comfort. According to fashion pros like those at Stylecaster, nothing says “fashion icon” like a statement suit.

Photo Credit: Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock.

Play it Safe

Not feeling like going bolder? The classics never fail! Timeless white blouses and black jackets are for those who love their formal neutrals. You’ll always look sexy in a little black dress!

Thank you for taking a look through our comprehensive guide of this year’s New York Fashion Week trends! You can find more popular fashion tips on our J.ING website and Instagram. Was there anything we didn’t include???