How to Dress Like Kylie Jenner in 2021

Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire after her company’s success, Kylie Cosmetics in 2019. She continues to take the pop-culture world by storm via platforms like YouTube and Instagram. A true trendsetter in business and beauty, Kylie is our next inspiration for comparable fashion tips. Here’s how you too can achieve epic summer looks like Kylie!

Baggy Jeans

Kylie Jenner knows trends and what better way to kick off summer style than with a pair of baggy retro jeans? Our Dennis Wide Slit Hem Jeans are part of the popular 2021 spring fashion trend. She’s paired her look with a crop top, bucket hat, and petite handbag, just like we did! You can grab this pair of 90’s bottoms on our website by clicking the picture below.  

Photo courtesy of Denimology

Slip Dresses

Nothing keeps you cool while complimenting your silhouette like a delicate slip dress. Stay cool this spring season with lightweight styles like our Pistachio Green Midi Slip Dress. You’ll be chic and sophisticated at any party with this look! 

Photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Short and Vibrant Dresses

You’ll look like a summer dream queen in playful dresses much like Kylie’s hot pink 22nd birthday dress. The J.ING Petal Pink Princess Dress is a hot choice for frolicking in the flowers. It’s received hundreds of 5-star reviews and has sold out twice! Follow Kylie’s lead and get your hands on a fun summer dress. 

Photo courtesy of TMZ-Kylie Jenner’s 22nd birthday 

Whimsical Dresses

Kylie knows how to have fun in the sun with whimsical summer dresses. Petite patterns and flowy fabric are part of a major seasonal trend. Match the flavor of Kylie’s style with pieces like our Garland Garden Dress.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Breezy in Black

While pastels and bright colors are the obvious ideals for summer colors, black is also in! Beat the heat in our Black Belted High Waisted Shorts. Darker colors can be great for evening looks during the summer. Check out how Kylie does it too!

Photo courtesy of The Celebrity Dresses

Vintage Collar Chic

Kylie’s loving the retro style lately with this collared Chanel dress. We’re taking the hint and want to tell you that the J.ING Wellesley Vintage Collar Blouse would be a lovely addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. You don’t have to go all out for a sophisticated vintage look. Simply accessorize one staple item as Kylie does!

Photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Performance Crop Tops

Not ready for another sports bra just yet? Get the support you need with a performance crop top. Kylie knows the value of a sporty crop tee with this black Chanel athletic piece. Our Powdered Violet Strappy Back Performance Crop is a perfect comparison!

Photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Sleek Knits

Knits aren’t just for Autumn, and Kylie knows this well. She’s rocking a white ribbed knitted zip-up shirt during the warmer season! Compare with our Crop Blue Contrast Cardigan. You can easily style a knit shirt to fit spring and summer!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Trendy Running Shorts

Smooth, fitted workout shorts are an absolute favorite right now. Whether you’re kicking back in the sun or running a marathon, the Honeysuckle Lavender Running Shorts are a great comparison to this photo from Kylie’s Instagram. Neutrals and pastels are some of the most popular colors for this style.

Photo courtesy of Kylie Jenner on Instagram

There’s a lot to learn from Kylie Jenner’s style. As you can see, the young business socialite isn’t afraid to change up her wardrobe. She knows how to rock bold, adventurous fashion and do it well. You can find more comparison looks on our J.ING website. See what’s current and trending now at J.ING!