9 Accessories to Help You Live Your Best Pre-Fall Lifestyle

9 Accessories to Help You Live Your Best Pre-Fall Lifestyle

Photo Credit: julie aagaard from Pexels

If you haven’t heard of the J.ING Lifestyle section, then we’ve got a surprise for you! It’s not just about earrings and bags anymore. We’re changing things up with a unique array of fresh options. Today, we’re looking at some of the categories we’ve been dying to show you. Here are some special items to help you feel a little extra as you head into the fall season!

Safety First!

Since many of us still need to mask up as we head into fall, why not look chic in safety? This forest green mask holder also comes in rose, gold, light grey, and dark grey. Protect your mask and keep those germs out in style! Plus, isn’t this shade of green just spectacular for fall?

Pastel Purses

This lavender purse is soft to the touch and easy to clean! Summer shades are waltzing their way into the fall season, and this unique accessory is proof of that. This handbag is available in other pastel shades like yellow, white, and pale green.

Phone Upgrade

Have mercy with this Mercy Pink Bead Phone Accessory! That’s right, iPhone cases are coming to J.ING! If you’ve got a 12 Pro Max and you’re looking to give your device some TLC, how about pulling out all the style stops?! 

Spooky Earrings

This accessory is giving us all the ghoulish vibes! Prepare for the witchy season with spooky earrings like these! Pair with the Alisha Silver Necklace for even more ghostly charm.

Laptop Protector

Heading back to school and the workplace means you’ll need something for your laptop. Why not a pastel notebook cover? This sleek cover is also available in rosy pink. 

Comfy Cozies

You’re never fully dressed without a pair of smiley slippers! These happy house shoes also come in white. Fall is never complete without some fuzzy footwear to match the chilly autumn breeze!

Graphic Bucket Hats

You’ve seen bucket hats, but have you seen a design this cute? Black is also a great color for both fall and winter. Keep the most popular trend of 2021 going with some darker shades and standout designs!

Preppy Overthrow

Cozy up in unique scarves like this preppy shoulder sweater! Embark on your yacht or keep warm at the office or library in this vibrant scarf. Also available in electric blue and sunshine yellow!

Funny Scrunchies

Ah yes, the timeless and trendy scrunchy. This checkered scrunchy contains iridescent beads, making it look more formal than the standard colors. Yet another perfect item to transition into the spooky season!

If you didn’t see something on this list that absolutely intrigued you, head over to the J.ING website for more pre-fall accessories! We’re all about functional beauty to help you look and feel your best. Keep an eye out for more spooky items and home goods as well!