7 of the Coolest and Coziest Cardigan Styles

7 of the Coolest and Coziest Cardigan Styles

Every year, as the season begins to turn, there’s one trend that emerges time and time again. Fashion sites like Who What Wear affectionately refer to this as the grandma trend that comes back every fall. That’s right; we’re talking about all your favorite cardigans in this blog today! Here are the top seven cozy looks everyone should try this year. 


Thin Ribbed Classic

We’re starting with a classic in women’s cardigan sweaters. Thin ribbed cardigans are one of the most common styles you’ll see. They’re also becoming prevalent in the Y2K fashion trend. Starting with a basic thin ribbed button-up cardigan is a great choice when first beginning to venture into this trend!

Cardigan Sets

Cardigan sets with floral embroidery are likely your grandma’s preference. You can try this look with a short-sleeved cardigan or a long-sleeved cardigan. We’ve got both! You’ll usually see a fuzzy cardigan over a matching crop top with this style.

Color Block Cardi's

Color block cardigans give us that funky, modern charm. You’ll commonly see these as a perfectly symmetrical color combination. For example, you could have a top that’s 50% white cardigan and 50% black cardigan, separated only by buttons in the center. Check it out!

Chunky Knits

Always an autumn favorite, chunky knitwear is great for layering. If it’s a long cardigan, you can wear it with leggings or shorts! Many chunky cardigans have long, thick sleeves and a high neckline. This cardigan style makes us want to grab our fuzzy socks and hot chocolate and sit by the fire! These are often oversized cardigans as well. 

Cropped and Breezy

Cropped cardigans are another unique sweater trend loved by both gen z and millennials. This look is great for seasonal transition outfits, mainly towards the end of spring and the beginning of fall. If you want to stay both cozy and cool, try a cropped cardigan on for size!

Sleeveless Irony

In addition to cropped cardigans, sleeveless cardigans are perhaps another style contradiction. Ribbed and cozy tank tops are gaining traction, especially toward the end of summer. Cap-sleeved cardigans are perfect if you’re looking for a tad more coverage. Want something for that sunny day with a cool breeze? This might be the look for you!

Collar Chic

Last but not least, collared cardigans are always smart and fancy. If you’re dressing up but still wanting to stay warm, this might be a good choice. A cardigan like this is also popular in academic chic. Start the fall semester off right!

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