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Women of J.ING

Women of J.ING celebrates and showcases fierce females who come from all walks of life. Hear their stories through exclusive video interviews and see what makes them a Woman of J.ING.

Who are the Women of J.ING anyway?

Women of J.ING are your mothers. Your sisters. They are daughters, wives, girlfriends. They are your friends and they are people who have taught you the most about not only the world, but also about yourself.

Women of J.ING are the people we adore and want to celebrate because they represent the diversity and strength that ALL women embody and are capable of harnessing to make their dreams come true. Women who have stories that can inspire you to make your own dreams into a reality.

How does one become a Woman of J.ING?

You already are! If you or someone you know has a special story to tell, let us know!

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