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The Women of J.ING - Jing Zeng

Women of J.ING celebrates and showcases fierce females who come from all walks of life.

Behind every brand is the founder – its creator and muse. Inspired by her own love for high fashion, Jing Zeng entered the world of fashion with one mission: create coveted couture for women at an accessible price point. With Jing’s vision, women across the globe would have access to expertly-curated, high-quality clothing so they can define their unique style on their journey to success.

Born and raised in China, Jing ventured to Canada when she was only 16 years old. Pursuing a degree in business management, Jing quickly decided she wanted to do things her way. As a busy working woman, she sought to create a clothing line tailor-made for women in the corporate landscape. Jing researched, designed and, finally, launched J.ING’s brand in 2018, and women’s fashion is better for it.

J.ING’s signature pieces reflect the intricate and timeless style of Jing herself. Since its launch, J.ING now proudly offers a vast array of workwear pieces, intimate apparel and accessories crafted for the very women who inspired each item: women who are not afraid to conquer the corporate world and look impeccable doing it.

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Jing’s Favorite J.ING Looks:
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