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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some tips to win myJINGstyle?

Be Yourself!
Capture moments that reflect your shine!

Be Creative!
Mix and match for your own J.ING style!

Be Confident!
Show your smile while wearing our lovely products!

Be Inspired!
We welcome all authentic moments to the J.ING community. All photos will be respected and welcomed!

Be Detailed!
A high quality picture with a detailed review stands a much better chance of being selected!

2. Can I use other people’s photos of my product for my reviews?

Please make sure all images you upload with your reviews are your own. For legal purposes we will be unable to post your photos to our website unless all provided content is your own.

3. How long do I have after purchasing to leave my review?

There’s no time limit to leaving reviews, but once a product sells out, you will no longer be able to leave any reviews! To snag your gift card, make sure to submit your review while the product page is still available. (Duplicate reviews for the same item under the same account are not qualified for gift card redemption)

Please note that the new review program only applies to reviews submitted after 11/13/21. Any reviews before this date will not qualify.

4. How do I know if I’ve won the Gift Card?

Your review(s) must meet the following rules:

1. You must fill in the order number when submitting a review.

2. A word review must contain at least two sentences.

3. A photo review must be a try-on review. Only one review per item will be allowed (duplicate reviews for the same item under the same account are not qualified for redemption).

4. You must email a screenshot of your review(s), order number(s), and the review item(s) to (please note that a lack of the required information makes us unable to issue a gift card).

If your review qualifies for a gift card, the gift card will be emailed to you.

5. Does J.ING have the rights to use my images?

When you upload an image with your review, you consent to J.ING reposting and using your image on our website, social channels, and other content.

6. If I upload a review with photos and words, will I be able to get two gift cards?

No, you can only receive one gift card per review. If your review qualifies for a photo review, we will reward you $5. If not, we will check the word review and offer a $3 gift card if it qualifies. If neither the photo nor the content qualify, no gift card will be issued.

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