The Classic Leather Shorts

By Kiki Kang


I am 5’2” and 110 lbs. I am typically a size XS for tops and a size XS or 24 for bottoms.


I’ve been on the look out for leather bottoms recently and was super excited when I came across these shorts! The shorts looked super cute, however, when I tried it on, I did not love how it fit on me.

I think the shorts would work better on someone that is taller! Besides the fit, the quality was amazing and it had a super soft lining. I love the color and the paperbag waist detail, super stylist!

Also love that it has pockets on the back!! The material felt super high quality and durable. The waist portion fit me perfectly but the leg portions were too wide. It looked just like the pictures online, unfortunately that just did not work out for me.


My items were delivered in a timely manner and arrived as expected. It took around a week to arrive.


Customer service was very friendly and efficient. The email customer care is a little bit slow but when I called them instead, the service was great and I was able to get my issues solved quickly and smoothly.


Overall I had a good experience with J.ING. I think J.ING offers a lot of unique cute styles that are high quality at the same time. The prices can be a little high but the pieces are definitely worth the price tag! The items fit true to size and the size charts are very helpful when finding the perfect fit. However, the shorts I received just did not work out for me. The reviews and customer photos online were also super helpful for me to imagine what the products would look like on me. The customer service is already great. I would recommend it to friends.