My name is Sara Sanchez Velado and I'm 1,75m/5'8 tall. I have small waist and big chest, I usually use between XS-S size depending on how tight they are (In JING usually all the pieces are tight so if you dont want to feel super tight I will recommend one size up so you feel more comfy when you move on my case S). My weight is 130 pounds.



All the items that I received from JINGus are amazing. I'm surprised about the quality and touch of the fabrics, it couldn't be better. They are super soft, pieces are very well sewn and you can feel how well-made are they. I really like all the pieces, the style fits great with mine, the designs are clean and feminine and what I love is that all the pieces are original comparing to other brands, and that's what it makes JINGus different and special. The catalog on the website couldn't be better. You can really appreciate how the pieces are, all the details and also the sophisticate touch that they have. I like the website design, it's clean, organized and very easy to explore and find all the different menu sites. I would never exchange or return any of the pieces, I would love to have a big closet full of JINGus collection, all the pieces are very easy to match and create different outfits.



The shipping of my packages was fast, that's something that I appreciate a lot while online shopping. You just find the pieces that you love, you buy them and you can't wait to get them. JINGus has a wonderful shipping service, you can get your products in 2-3 days. I like how the products came fold in their own bag in perfect condition, also the thin paper between the folded piece makes a big difference so your product doesn't get messy. My packages were always delivered very good, no damage.



My overall experience is excellent. The team is wonderful, they are always paying attention to all my questions, they are always there for anything that I need. I really love the brand, I would continue ordering more pieces, the collection is amazing and I like that they offer great quality and original style pieces. JINGus has become one of my top favorite brands.