Kadey Flamingo Asymmetrical Sweater

By Olivia Lemus


My name is Olivia and I’m 5’7, weigh 124 lbs, and I’m a size 2 (Small). I received the Kadey Flamingo Asymmetrical Sweater in size S/M in color hot pink.


When I opened my package, I found my hot pink sweater wrapped neatly in a protective plastic bag. Yet, one thing I would have loved is for there to have been a note or a card perhaps detailing a “Welcome to J.ING’s Try and Tell Program! We are so excited for you to try our products etc.” or a card perhaps promoting other clothing items so that there is that extra touch of J.ING included in the packaging. Additionally, when I took it out of the plastic bag, it was exactly what I was expecting! A soft yet well-put sweater with firm stitching and a really cool off-the shoulder detail. I couldn’t wait to try it on!!! Once I did, I was in complete awe. The sweater has a gorgeous fit & it is woven with thick stitching which makes it perfect for colder temperatures. I am tall with lengthy arms and it’s typically difficult for me to find a sweater that doesn’t feel short around my wrist area. This sweater has the perfect vertical and horizontal length for my body type.


The shipping and delivery of my item was great. After confirming my item, I immediately received a confirmation email of my order. Once my order was processed, I received an email that my order had been shipped and that it was on its way. I was so excited! When I received my package, I also received an email confirming the delivery of my order. (I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate that! It’s the attention to detail that truly makes the customer experience exceptional.)

Inclusively, I was so fortunate that my shipping and delivery process was seamless that I didn’t need to reach out to J.ING’s customer service team. Kudos to your incredible team!


All in all, my overall experience was exceptional. I received what I expected and was amazed by the quality of the sweater. I’ve received so many compliments ranging from how vibrant the hot-pink color is to how beautiful the off-the-shoulder design looks. I also loved how the tag of the sweater is woven at the bottom which gave me the flexibility of wearing the sweater on whatever side I desired. This is my first time experiencing J.ING and I am so happy with the product and service that they gave me! I’m recommending J.ING to all of my gals, family, social media followers and friends.