J.ING Classic Dress Try-On

J.ING Classic Dress Try-On

J.ING Classic Dress Try-On

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Everyone who knows me knows I love my polka dots. My style typically leans toward classic pieces, fall colors, and a little bit of vintage flair. The Keilani Black Polka Dots Midi Dress from J.ING meets all of the criteria, making it ideal for me.

For context, I’m a little under five feet, seven inches tall, roughly 170cm. My build is slender curvy, and I’m a bit more pear-shaped. The Keilani dress I have is in the S/M category, and it fits my frame perfectly. The length hits just below my knees, making it a modest choice for workwear.

My main concern whenever I am clothes shopping is how the sleeves will fit my arms. That isn’t a worry with this dress. The sleeve openings land right around my biceps, and I have plenty of room. If you need to move or lift anything throughout the day, you’ll have plenty of flexibility.

How it looks on the model. Me twirling in the Keilani dress.

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Regarding the shape, this dress is very flattering and hits the most slender part of your waist. Tying the cords in the back accentuated my shape further. The nice thing is, you can make the waistline however tight you want it.

The bottom half of this dress flares out nicely. It’s slight and will still show your curves! But you’ll be comfortable and won’t feel restricted. 

In terms of the material, this dress is very light, but the fabric is not see-through. You won’t need a slip with this one! In my opinion, the Keilani dress is perfect for summer days, the office, or nice dinners. I’ve paired mine with pointed red heels, a cameo necklace, curled hair! 

Overall, I am absolutely stunned by the Keilani dress in terms of both look and feel. Based on my own experience, this dress is great for curvy body types, though the waist can be adjusted if you’re more petite. Be sure to look at the size chart as this dress comes in S/M and M/L. I personally love the size scale because I’m often in between small and medium. 

You can get the Keilani dress right now for 30% off! Make sure to hurry as this offer is limited. Pair this item with open-toed sandals or close-toed heels for optimal style. Don’t forget to show off your style with your own photo and review! We want to know what you think!