Everly Pistachio Cuffed Trousers

By Lauren Pascoe


The item itself was definitely the best part of the experience! The color, fit, style, and size all matched my expectations. I was very happy that the pants were snug on the waist, but looser around the leg because I find that much more flattering with high-waisted pants, especially in a lighter color. Also, considering they are a lighter color, I was very happy that the pants were not see-through at all, but still were a lightweight material and felt very breezy. The material felt dressy and high end, which was nice and met my expectations considering the overall price of the item. I worry a little bit about the zipper and clasp being slightly delicate, but I have not had any problems, so it is not a complaint. They were comfortable to wear and would definitely look cute for a variety of occasions especially dinner dates and work. Sizing matched my expectations and worked very well for my body-type since they are a loose leg and tight waist. However, a taller girl with a larger waist and smaller legs would struggle with this style. The online sizing gives exact measurements, but it would be convenient to also offer a size reference by a typical pant size (example: 2, 4, 6, etc) just for convenience purposes. I do not typically remember or measure my waist, bust, or hips, but I do remember my pant size.


I was very impressed with the quick response to emails and help when there could have possibly been an issue with my order.


Even though shipping was delayed because my size was back-ordered, when my item did ship, it came quickly, which was nice after waiting. There was a possibility I was not going to be at my currently shipping address in order to receive the package if it was delayed further, but when I spoke to my representative about my concerns, she was more than happy to help and eased my worries that I would not be able to wear them or leave a proper review in time. The delivery experience was fine, but the tape was partially opened, which was slightly concerning that the pants could fall out in a given circumstance.


Overall I was extremely ecstatic and loved the product as well as this Try and Tell experience. Because I was happy with the description online and the product itself I would definitely recommend this brand and the product itself to a friend.