Elegant Daily Lady

By Scarlett

The logistics are pretty amazed. Although during outbreaks, several times my order placed on Monday, and I received the package on Thursday. Besides, the logistics number is provided immediately after the order is placed, which helps to keep track on the package. If the clothes don't fit, the ground return is also convenient.

At first, I bought J.ING's clothes with the attitude of trying, but the quality was unexpectedly good. When my mother, a designer, saw J.ING, she was like, "the thread is perfect, the fabric is skin-friendly, and the design is trendy." I quite agree with my mother. I often buy products in various clothing stores, J.ING is the most cost-effective through clothes at the same price on the market. J.ING's clothes are unique and exquisite European style, and it is hard to find other similar brands in the existing market.

There are no complicated and dazzling designs, but there are always appropriate embellishments on the clothes. I contact customer service through WeChat, they are very dedicated and responsible, and they always give me the most professional advice when I'm struggling with size. The official website of J.ing is concise, with black and white main components, you can easily find the current discount. When you don't know how to match, you can always easily find matching advice on the official website. Regularly push new products through text and email (if you subscribe). Besides, customer service attaches great importance to communication with customers. On important days, customer service staff will ask customers to share their stories on the WeChat group (just like friends), and then randomly select customers to give new products.