My name is Tara Thaweechok. I am 5’6 tall and 120 lbs. I usually wear size Small for tops and Medium

for bottoms. American size is truly perfect for me, but every time I shop online, I will have to use my own

measuring tape to make sure it will fit me well.


The item that I get is LARA WHITE OFF SHOULDER BLOUSE, the first impression when I touch it, I have to

say “Oh my god!” because it was so nice and pretty, I love it. To be honest, I didn’t expect that it would

be this good. Trust me, I’ve been shopping online so many times and what I got were mostly ‘okay’ and 

‘so so’ but J.ING is above that. The material of their clothes are well chosen and well made. This blouse

was made out of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex but it feels pretty much like soft silk. The size is true to

the size guide that is provided on their website and it fits me perfectly. I love this pretty blouse and

would not return it because I can wear it with most pants that I have in my closet.


After I reply to an email for TRY-AND-TELL, I have to wait around 2-3 days for the staff to add an item  into my account and after that the status on an account was changed to unfulfilled for another 2-3 days. 

And it takes 3 days for an item to deliver to my place. I didn’t expect that J.ING would ship it to me via  FedEx because it was very expensive, but they did, I was surprised. I was trying to check my tracking  number everyday and it was on time, I’m so happy.


When I first received an email back from J.ING, I forgot to reply back to confirm, but the service team  sent me a reminder email. This thing is the pleased thing that they did. I started to love J.ING very much because of these.


I saw J.ING’s ads on facebook and the style looks good but the price is too high at first thought. I  even think that J.ING might be a scam because it’s hard to trust ads on facebook. I keep seeing their ads everyday and I just want to try it once, so I order 2 pants and 1 blouse from them. When I received my order I was surprised that the quality was gorgeous. It’s so good and comfortable, the quality is worth the price. I started to buy more clothes from J.ING now. They make me fall for them. I think I will keep being their loyal customer from now on.