Althea Paperbag Leather Shorts

By Mackenzie Cappelle


My name is Mackenzie and I am 5’6’’ and 123lbs. In pants, I am typically a size 25-26’’ waist. When picking the size for these shorts, I noticed most of the waist measurements on the sizing chart were surprisingly small, so I went for a medium, though I typically wear a size small.


When I received the shorts in the mail, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the materials. I have 2 items from J.ING that are vegan leather, and both of them are extremely well made and soft to the touch. Upon trying them on, I realized I had chosen the right size with the medium, as the waist fit snug but not overly so. The holes for the legs, however, were extremely large and flared which led to a balloon shorts or puffed skirt style, which was not what I was expecting. I think the shorts still look great, but the level of flaring does limit me somewhat to the outfits I was planning on styling these with. If you are ordering these shorts, I would 100% recommend sizing up. If I had ordered my typical small, these shorts would have been way too tight to fit comfortably. I think the images online represent the product well, except it does not fully encompass the magnitude of flaring the legs. On the model, the shorts look much straighter than when I tried them on, but that might change with wear. Overall, these shorts are extremely comfortable and soft, which is the most important thing to me. I can still style these well and I know the quality will make them last a long time.


Regarding shipping, the product took about a week and a half from confirmation to delivery. I would say this is pretty standard for most clothing brands and I personally found the shipping time to be acceptable. The shorts were packaged very nicely inside of a bag to prevent dust and odor associated with shipping, which I appreciated.


My experience with customer service was limited to a question regarding the sizing chart for this item. With a size medium correlating to a size 22’’ waist, I was confused as to why all of the sizes were so small. I mentioned my waist size and asked in an email if size medium was correct, and I got a pretty okay answer that made me feel semi-confident that I had ordered the correct size. If I would have known that the fabric had some stretch, that could have been helpful, but I think my question was answered to the best of J.ING’s ability. I understand sizing charts vary per item.


J.ING is a brand that consistently wows me with its accessible price point and high quality products. These shorts will be my third purchase from the brand, and I have never been unhappy with the quality of my items. I would say the sizing in J.ING runs extremely small in bottoms, which does not strike me as the most size inclusive. If someone was bigger than I am and looking to shop for items here, I would likely advise that they stick to tops or dresses because I would be concerned about fit. I will say in my package there was a tag that detailed J.ING’s values including embracing women and a commitment to sustainability. I really liked this because it gave the package and the brand a really personal touch. My only suggestions to J.ING in the future would be to expand sizing and also expand the diversity of models (both in body type and race) on their website. I think this will help demonstrate the brand’s commitment to all kinds of women and be very well received.