Spring Cleaning Tips

Cleaning up your home can be cathartic and invigorating; A clean space means a clearer mind, more space and more time to do the things that are important to you rather than wasted on looking for a lost item or wading through pools of stuff. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when embarking on your spring cleaning activities. 


In order to truly clean your space, you need to clear it of unwanted clutter so that you can have peace of mind. That will involve getting rid of things that have no use or purpose to you.

The KonMarie Method has been spreading rampantly ever since Netflix started streaming Marie Kondo’s hit reality series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. In the series, she shows real-life people who have enlisted Kondo to help them organize their homes.

Some of the best tips that we can apply to getting rid of things that might be cluttering your space and not adding any value to your life is to ask yourself, “Does this item bring me joy?”

If it doesn’t, it’s time to get rid of it. Many of us have a hard time of letting go of things that end up collecting dust and debris in our spaces because we’re afraid of letting go, reasoning with ourselves that there might be a day when we’ll actually need it.
If that day ever were to arrive, what good will the thing be if we can’t even find it?

Donate or sell all the things you can live without. Make sure to keep things that you use frequently or things that have purpose, function or sentimental value to you. If they take up valuable real estate in your house and lack any of the three things above, they are only adding stress to your life = whether you’re aware of it or not.

A cluttered home can have you trapped in a chaotic mental prison where you waste endless hours looking for the things you need amid the rubble of the things you don’t.

This could result in being late for work or an important event, and cause unnecessary frustration in your every day life and those who around you.Less mess, less stress. Remember this!


After you’ve given away, sold, recycled/thrown away or re-purposed the things that add no value or joy to your life, it’s time to categorize your keepers into categories and designate a space for each category.

Try to re-purpose whatever you have instead of getting new things for storage and organization when you can. New stuff, unless you strategically figure out what you type of storage and organizing materials you will need ahead of time, will only add clutter back into your life.

Re-purposing not only saves space, it’s better for the environment.

Use old moving boxes to store your out-of-season clothing and accessories. Shoe boxes that you don’t need can become storage for photos and letters or other miscellaneous paper products.

Look up neat organization hacks online and you’ll find a goldmine of incredibly clever tricks that don’t require you to spend a chunk of your paycheck on brand new goods. If you can, go to your local second-hand store to find neat boxes and storage solutions (but make sure you clean them well before using!) and be creative.


Vacuum your floors, rugs and carpets every week.

We track in dust and dirt every time we enter our homes; debris from everywhere we’ve been is brought in on our clothes, hair, shoes and even from sitting in our cars.

Change out the filters in your vacuum once it’s almost full but make sure not to breathe in the particulate matter, which be harmful and irritating to our lungs when ingested.


Change out all the filters in your home if you have air conditioning vents, bathroom ventilation fans, or cooking hoods caked in grease.

This is imperative if you have pets, as their health could be compromised if they're always breathing in the particulate matter that's floating and falls to the ground. Not only that, their fur could more easily clog the filters, as well!


When cleaning your home, try to use clean products that are clean and not full of chemicals that could produce health-compromising fumes indoors that you then breathe in.

Instead, try natural cleaning agents such as baking soda, distilled vinegar, Castille soap or even lemon rinds! There are countless ways to clean with cleaner, greener products in your home.

Remember to wear gloves. Clean under the rims. You’ll feel so much better once you get in the crevices of the places that harbor the most germs.

If you can’t avoid using chemical agents in your home, keep your windows open throughout the house to reduce the indoor contaminants and pollution that may form from chemical reactions in reactive agents. The stagnant fumes that come with cooking air conditioning, candles, nail polish, cleaning – you name it – these things can have adverse health effects to you and those in your home.


De-gunk your sinks! There is an entire organism that is coagulating and coming to life from all of the gunk collecting in your sinkhole and clinging to your hairs. Go look…but don’t forget your gloves. You will notice better water pressure, less clogs & you’ll save water.


Wipe all reflective surfaces and dust your tabletops and shelves! For mirrors, use a newspaper to wipe instead of a paper towel; It gets the mirrors a streak-free shine like no other. 


Sometimes, cleaning can seem like an insurmountable mission; we let mountains of random junk pile on top of each and wait until the mess grows out of hand before spending an entire day to clean it all up.

Get into the habit of screwing back on your toothpaste cap or putting your makeup brush back into its cup every time you’re done using it.

It might seem as though you don’t have enough time on your hands to put every single item you use back to its designated spot, but how many minutes are you spending mindlessly on the phone, or standing there lost in thought?

Taking the five extra seconds to carefully replace your products properly means the less time you have to spend searching for things, stepping around messes and cleaning up the overwhelming massive disasters you’ve let pile up at the end.


Have a separate bin for your trash and your recyclables. This will prevent overflowing trash that occurs when too much is in one area. Also, recycling is better for the environment. If your residential garbage service doesn’t offer recycling, collect your rinsed and cleaned recyclables in a large bag and leave it by a recycling center. Others who might need the extra change might be thankful to find it and they will be helping you help the planet.


Launder your towels and bedding frequently but try to stretch out the periods with switching them out for spares if you have any available. It’s important to be clean, but be mindful of the water you are using. Every 2-3 weeks for bedding is normal unless you are sweating a lot. It all depends on how many spares you have to use.

11: When it's time to change. you've got to rearrange!

Moving around the layout of your room helps to not only change you’re your settings, but also your mentality.  A new floor plan will trick your mind into thinking that you’re starting from a clean slate, which is sometimes what we need the most.

Spring Cleaning is a chance to start anew with a fresh environment that will not only lift your spirits but create a sense of Zen and calm in your life.

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