18 Autumn and Winter Essentials

perfect products to add to your cold-weather arsenal

1. Scarf 

Stay warm by swathing yourself in a soft and cozy scarf that protects you from the harsher climates and also adds a stylish touch to your outfit. We love this one by Free People and this classic scarf by Abraham Moon & Sons is made of 100% merino wool and made in the British Isles.

Free People Valley Plaid Fringe Scarf

Free People 

Valley Plaid Fringe Scarf



Abraham Moon & Sons Scarves


Pure merino wool scarves


2. Thermos

Everybody needs a way to sip on a hot on a cold, winter day. This one is fully stainless steel, vacuum insulated and will keep hot drinks hot for 7 hours while keeping cold drink cold for 12. It’s the perfect gift for you or anyone who is on the go.  

Roman Stainless Steel Flask Thermos

Roman Stainless Steel Vaccum Flask 1500ml

  • BPA-Free
  • Twist-off top for easy pouring
  • Twin vacuum walls lined with copper plating for hours of heat retention & superior chill retention of cold drinks. 



3. Gloves

These cashmere-lined leather tech gloves allow you to use your smart phone without ever having to remove your gloves. The sleek, elegant design is timeless with a three-point design on the back of the hand. Treat yourself to a glove that you’ll love.

Leather Cashmere lined full tech gloves

Cashmere Lined Leather Tech Gloves

  • Leather lined with three-point detail
  • Fully tech-enabled in palm & fingers
  • Calfskin with cashmere lining



5. Parka

Payne Fur-Lined Parka by J.ING


Payne Parka

The Payne Fur-lined Parka feels luxurious and looks gorgeous with its two-toned fur lining and long length. You won’t be left in the cold with this sumptuous parka

$799 USD


More Parkas 

Trapper Camel Fur Lined Parka by J.ING Women's Clothing

Trapper Camel Convertible Fur Lined Parka

$799 USD

Georgie 3-in-1 Convertible Fur-Lined Parka by J.ING Women's Clothing

Georgie 3-in-1 Convertible Fur-Lined Parka

$699 USD

Hailey 3-in-1 fur-lined parka

Hailey 3-in-1 Convertible Fur-Lined Parka 

$699 USD

6. Puffer Coat

Pinkerton Pink Long Puffer Coat by J.ING


Pinkerton Puffer Coat

Turn heads in this eye-catching pink puffer coat. Its long length ensures maximum protection and coverage. The pretty pink color is perfect to wear with blue jeans and a sweater.

$299 USD


More Puffer Jackets

7. Knit Pants

Grecian Grey Wide Leg Knit Pants by J.ING



Drop the sweats and cuddle into a pair of cozy knitted pants. J.ING’s Grecian Grey Wide-Leg Knit Pants are the perfect bottoms to wear when you’re relaxing at home, though they’re stylish enough that you will want to wear them out, too!

$98 USD

Buy Now

8. Festive Socks

Happy Socks in Burgundy at Southmoonunder.com

Happy Socks 
Burgundy Stripe Socks in BURGUNDY

Cute & comfy socks are a must during winter, and they’re even better when they’re bright and colorful. 



9. Fragrant Candles

Fraga Fig Candle at Lumens.com


A scented candle makes every house feel more like home. A fig-scented candle is perfect for fall-time.  

$12.99 - $21.99


10. Humidifier

Eva Little Humidifier at Lumens.com

Ultrasonic Humidifier

During the colder months, low humidity can mean respiratory complications from the dryness in the air – especially if you’re using a heater in your home. Add some much-needed moisture into the air you breath with an Eva Little humidifier by Matti Walker for Stradler Form, which allows you to also add drops of your favorite essential oil blends for an aroma-therapeutic experience that soothes your senses and your sinuses. 



11. House Robe

SKIN Double Layer Robe at Intermix.com

Double Layer Prima Cotton Robe

There’s no better way to lounge on your days off than in a super soft house robe. This one by Skin is double-layered in the softest cotton and is so comfy, you won’t want to take it off.



12. Tea Set

A special tea set makes the ritual of sipping on your favorite herbal tonics even more comforting and satisfying. This daily ritual tea set features a glass cup, saucer and bamboo tongs to pick out the whole flower teas from the tea-tasting collection. Buy both for a truly reinvigorating tea-time experience.  

Daily Ritual Tea Set by Jayson Home

Daily Ritual Tea Set



Tea Tasting Collection by Jayson Home

Tea Tasting Collection



13. Sage Smudge Kit

Restore a calm balance into your home by clearing it of any negative energies that may linger in the corners by performing a sage smudge of all the rooms. This Cleansing Ritual Collection will purify any stagnant energy you want to get rid of. 


White Sage Smudge Bundle 











14. Handmade Quilt

What’s more comforting than a handmade quilt? These one-of-a-kind cotton quilts are made by local artisan crafters in Rajasthan, India, by the Ajrak process — an ancient block-printing technique distinctive to the Indus Valley that only three known regions still practice. These gorgeous quilts are reversible and made from 100% cotton. Perfect for snuggling into and gorgeous to look at.

15. Spice & Herb Collection

Enhance your culinary creations by infusing your delicious holiday meals with artisan herbs. Daphne & Chloe’s Greek Herbs will enrich your feasts with flavors of the Mediterranean and take your dishes to the next level.

Wild Thyme Flowers Herb








Rosemary Leaves


Oregano Leaves


Bay Leaves


16. Winter Hat

A knitted hat is the perfect winter accessory – not only is this one by Sherpa by Beanie Gina adorable, it’s also great for covering your hair for those days you’re too cold to shower. The design has ear flaps that keep you covered in the cold and is made to protect you from harsh winds, so you know it will stay on your head.

$15 - (Outdoria.com)

17. Brand new cutlery

A brand new set of cutting knives perfectly ushers in the Holiday season – especially if you plan on hosting a feast for your family and/or friends. This gorgeous rosewood & brass knives set make a stunning display on your tabletop or as a housewarming gift!

18. Hot Bath Soak

Nothing is more rejuvenating during the colder months than a nice long soak in a hot bath filled with aromatic healing herbs. This Hinoki Cypress Bath Tea is not only environmentally friendly, its fragrant leaves are harvested from the Japanese Cypress plant and is said to have healing properties. 

$15 USD- (Jaysonhome.com)

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