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The Hottest Coat Trends to Check Out for Fall and Winter 2019

The weather might not be getting much colder (yet) but one thing's for sure - despite the somewhat prolonged state of summer-season temps, you're going to be needing a coat for when it DOES get cold. 

If you've had even the slightest glance at what's trending on your style feeds, you've most likely noticed that everybody seems to be going crazy for coats already. Fashion Week seems to be one of many culprits for this fair-weather phenomena - street styles rivaled the catwalk looks in terms of ingenuity and sartorial decadence, which was exemplified by the onslaught of stylish muse after stylish muse rocking their posh puffer coats, embellished trench coats and belted leather dusters. 

If you haven't been captivated by all the Fashion Week street photography, you can check out all the drool-worthy shots on TheTrendSpotter.Net. Here are some of the gorgeous coats they've featured!

We've noticed no shortage of trending styles that are already making their ways into the closets of those in-the-know. 

We're seeing more coats being worn as the main attraction, or the pièce de résistance, in an ensemble; funky prints and vivid hues are making their appearance on all the trending outerwear mainstays - including raincoats.

The biggest coat trends on the runways are easy to spot, but hard to separate. So many of them incorporate several trends in one piece. 


Beige for Days

This Balenciaga coat incorporates beige, patterns & oversize fit. 

We love the oversize and asymmetrical features on this Loewe coat 

This Simone Rocha coat does a wet-leather beige coat right.

Good or Plaid Beige Belted Coat by J.ING

Softy Beige Plush Wrap Coat by J.ING Women's Apparel

Structured Beige Blazer for women by J.ING

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oakey brown oversize pea coat for women by

Gertrude Silky Lace Blouse by J.ING

Motor Black Leather Skirt by J.ING

PURELY puffer Coats

Dorian Green Quilted Down Coat for women by J.ING
Pinkerton Puffer Coat by J.ING women's apparel
Black and White Puffy Coat
Beige Puffer Down Coat by J.ING women's apparel
Sienna Grey Puffer Coat by J.ING women's apparel
Climes Beige Puffer Coat by J.ING women's apparel
Sienna Green Puffer Down Coat by J.ING women's apparel

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Pilot Jackets

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 Slash Green Motorcycle Coat

Boxer Pink Bowed Sweater for women by J.ING

Cherie Green Plaid Mini Skirt by J.ING

Pilot Wool Lined Bomber for women by J.ING

Janine Brown Cold Shoulder Sweater by J.ING

Charles Brown Balloon Skirt by J.ING

Sleeveless Coats

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Exposure Sleeveless Trench Coat by J.ING Women's Clothing
Eleanor White Ruffled Blouse by J.ING Women's Apparel
Cut-Away Cropped Denim Pants for Women by J.ING

Pick Your Pattern

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Mixer Brown Trench Coat for women by J.ING

Auburn Braided Rib Knit Sweater for women by J.ING
Angie Brown Midi Skirt by J.ING
Locker Black Plaid PVC Coat for women by J.ING
Georgie Gingham Midi Dress by J.ING

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