Princess Diana Style in 2021

Princess Diana's Style in 2021

Born July 1st, 1961, Diana Spencer became Princess of Wales after marrying Prince Charles in 1981. She was a well-loved philanthropist as well as a fashion icon. Since her death in 1997, the world has not forgotten this stylish and generous royal lady. Let’s take a look back at some of Princess Diana’s most well-known outfits and how they’ve translated into 2021. 

Iconic Gym Wear

Did you know that Princess Diana’s famous gym top sold for over $53,000 in 2019?! The proceeds went to families in Malawi per the late royal’s personal trainer (and shirt seller), Jenni Rivett. We can all relate to the bike shorts and oversized top look in 2021.

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Gala Perfection

During her royal tour in Japan, Princess Diana donned this outfit designed by Yuki Torimaru in 1986. Inspired by Japanese formal wear like the traditional kimono, this dress matches the Princess’ sapphire style to perfection. 

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A Bold Knit

The Princess of Wales wore her famous Warm and Wonderful sweater in 1981. According to CNN, this patterned knit was relaunched by Rowing Blazers. You know us at J.ING; we love our standout knitwear, babe!

Photo Credit: Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

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Mini Dress Summer

The Princess wore this summer floral bodycon dress to an auction in 1997. It’s been the year of flowers for us, and dresses like these are indeed in style in 2021.

Photo Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

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Princess Statement

This lovely dress by Bellville Sassoon accompanied the late Princess of Wales to the "Splendours of Gonzaga" exhibition in 1981, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Puffy princess dresses are still in in 2021. Just check out our royal-worthy selections inspired by French Rococo!

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Power Couple Suit

This blue suit dress became iconic when Princess Diana wore it for her engagement announcement in 1981. She looked stunning next to her fiance', Prince Charles, in front of Buckingham Palace. Want a blue dress like this one? We might have a few contenders!

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Sporty Blouse

This printed peasant blouse looked so chic at a polo match in Cirencester in 1983. Princess Diana loved polo and was known to have a bit of a sporty side herself!

Photo Credit: Tim Graham Getty Images

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A New Mom in Floral Print

Princess Diana wore a hot pink floral midi dress with a bright hat to her son, Prince William’s, christening in 1984. This style of dress has been trendy during the summer months of 2021.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Revenge Dress With a Twist

According to CNN, this stunning black dress became known as the literal revenge dress when Princess Diana wore it on the day Prince Charles admitted to adultery. Talk about drama! The Princess completed the outfit with pumps, pantyhose, and her signature sapphire choker.

Credit: Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images

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A Vision in Gingham

The Princess was known to wear these summery fancy pants at polo matches. We must say, these trousers look amazing with a matching red sweater over a white dress shirt!

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Collars Fit for a Royal

Elle Magazine classified this statement collar as underrated chic. This style seems familiar, as we’ve got tons of fabulous collar looks at J.ING! Princess Diana looked amazing in standout designs and accessories like this green dress!

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What’s your favorite Princess Diana-style moment? You can find outfits similar to these royal looks right now on our website! The Princess of Wales would have been sixty this year. A happy belated birthday as we celebrate this iconic legend!