J.ING shows you how to emulate 8 of Our Favorite Iconic Looks


1. Marilyn Monroe's "Flying" White Skirt

Marilyn Monroe's classic iconic white skirt blowing scene

What’s more iconic than Marilyn Monroe’s “Flying Skirt” moment?

This infamous image of Monroe occurred over a New York City subway vent during the 1955 filming of The Seven Year Itch, a George Axlerod play that was adapted to film and directed by Billy Wilder.

During the shoot, Monroe wore the notorious plunging white halter dress and stood over a blowing subway vent that sent her white skirt flying up in all directions.

It’s one of Monroe’s most memorable moments, and one that’s worth emulating.

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Marilyn Romper 

The name is no coincidence – we’ve dedicated our sleek white romper as a sort of homage to women everywhere who don’t shy away from the subway vents.

No, seriously. This romper won’t be flying high with the wind, so you can enjoy the breeze without worry and STILL look like an icon.

The Marilyn Romper’s plunging halter neckline and A-line silhouette make J.ING’s Monroe Romper a worthy contender for the top spot. Our belted waist and romper design give a modern twist to a classic iconic look.

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Romper by J.ING LA women's fashion

2. Carrie Bradshaw's Floral Printed Dress in Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw became a household name to women and men alike when Sex and the City graced cable television in 1988. After Bravo syndicated the six-season city several years later, the show blessed the rest of our basic cable television sets with regular reruns of the sensational show.

Beside its cast of four leading ladies who gave us an idea of what girl gang COULD be, the series also touched on compelling, sometimes controversial topics like alcoholism, cheating and the drudgery that sometimes befalls dating in a metropolitan city, the show also served as a way for women and even men around the world to commiserate with the characters through ingeniously-written plots that contained painfully relatable scenarios.

With that said, can we talk about how OBSESSED we are with all the looks that were served by Bradshaw, Jones, York and Hobbes?! Leave it to Sex and the City to inundate us with designer threads in every episode! The party of four shot to fashion icon status with their sell-out styles, so we had to feature our favorite on this list.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City the movie, wearing a stunning floral print Vivienne Westwood dress.

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Sleeveless Lux Dress

Equally as stunning as the coral floral-printed Vivienne Westwood dress that Sarah Jessica Parker's character wore while walking through New York,  J.ING’s soft coral-colored Sleeveless Lux Dress gives off an ethereal look that is unapologetically feminine as it is romantic. 

Its sweetheart neckline isn't the structured masterpiece that Westwood's floral dress is, but nobody can say that the Sleeveless Lux Dress is anything short of a gorgeous gown. 

With the close-fitting bodice and slowy skirt soft sheer chiffon fabric layered to perfection.

Sleeveless Lux Dress in coral by J.ING women's fashion

3. Dion and Cher's Plaid Outfits in Clueless

dion and cher in plaid outfits

The prolific plaid print of Dion and Cher’s co-ord blazer + skirt sets are one of the most emulated character outfits that are seen today. 

Not only is this a go-to during the Halloween seasons, this has been shamelessly adapted in music videos and spoofs ad nauseum. 

But who could blame them? The preppy schoolgirl style has made its comeback from the depths of our closets and back into the fashion cycle once again, as predicted. 

And. We. Are. HERE. FOR. IT.

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Regina Tweed BLazer and Skirt Set

With a little help from J.ING, you too can achieve the highly-coveted

school-girl-in-uniform-look but with one major change - it's updated into a "for-the-office-look" that makes it easier to wear for the non-high school lovers of a great matching blazer and skirt duo. 

Our Regina Blazer and matching Regina Skirt look utterly chic in any setting, whether you're going to a business meeting or meeting up with your date. 

The classic tweed weave exudes luxury and class. 

This blazer and skirt set is the way to emulate Dion and Cher's iconic plaid blazer and skirt outfits without placing yourself in the “overdone Halloween character” category. 

4. Cher's Polka Dot Dress in Mermaids

Cher in white polka dot vintage dress in mermaids

Now, Cher is more like a real-life living legend. 

A true veteran of eclectic and unconventional style that is downright enigmatic, Cher has pioneered quirkiness and an ICONIC fashion sense since she came onto the scene in ’65 with her then-husband, the late Sonny. 

She won over American and British audiences with her striking beauty, distinctly deep voice and her unique fashion choices (that sometimes bordered on shocking!), due to her love of sparkling, barely-there outfits. 

One of the most iconic Cher looks, however, appears in her film, Mermaids

We knew Cher mastered the barely-there look, but Cher was a knock-out even in a relatively modest vintage polka-dot dress.

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Renee Dress

The Renee Dress is J.ING's perfect way to emulate Cher's classic white dress with the black polka-dot printed pattern.

It's a look that is feminine, fierce, but still fun and flirty. 

The Renee Dress is a dress you wear when you feel like standing out in a crowd. Like Cher, it's not for the dull or boring. 

The asymmetrical cut of the skirt give it a unique and unconventional twist and make it perfect for a night out dancing.

Cold-shoulder cut-outs and flutter drop sleeves make this dress something we can totally see Cher in. 

Renee polka dotted asymmetrical dress by J.ING women's fashion

5. Rihanna's Pink Princess Dress

Rihanna is hands down one of the most influential and powerful celebrities right now. 

Her triple-threat status has her dominating the entertainment industry, beauty industry and fashion industry simultaneously.

We ALL want some of the magic Rihanna possesses; the Barbados Beauty is pretty much the pinnacle of an icon.

When Rihanna stepped out at the Valerian movie premiere, she reached unprecedented heights of fashion fortitude with her pink princess dress.

She blew all the Disney princesses out of the water. Watch out, Ariel!

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Pink Claudette Dress

This pink party dress allows anyone to emulate Rihanna’s epochal outfit effortlessly and checks all of the important boxes:

Baby pink color? Check. Off-the-shoulder style? Check. Princess-like balloon sleeves? Check. Mini-skirt length? Check.

The only thing that is missing is the train…but unless you’re Rihanna at a movie premiere, you might not want to rock the train that isn’t on a wedding dress.

Pink Princess Claudette mini party dress with balloon sleeves by J.ING women's fashion

6. Allie's Blue Dress in the Notebook

The Notebook. What else to say here?

Well, besides the fact that many grown men having openly admitted to loving this romantic blockbuster and everybody going ga-ga for Gosling, we’ll just say that the film’s poster of Rachel McAdams kissing Ryan Gosling in the soaking rain is pretty much as iconic as a movie poster can get. Those who have seen it – essentially, anyone who isn’t living under a rock – will tell you that it’s an image seared into your mind. And for some reason, the blue dress always comes to mind.

Allie’s classic blue dress denotes the era in which the movie takes place (the 1940s) but it’s also timelessly elegant in all its simple glory.

Emulate The Look

J.ING's Periwinkle Wrap Dress

J.ING’s Periwinkle Wrap Dress captures the vintage vibes of Allie’s dress. 

The wrap design makes it a perfect way to cover up over a pair of shorts or leggings, but it can go on its own as well. 

And of course, what kind of emulation would it be if it wasn't in a beautiful blue color?

J.ING's unique details like the notch collar in white give the dress a soft tone. 

The tied waist and button closure give shape to your silhouette. 

It’s a dress that you’ll fall in love with.

Periwinkle short wrap dress by j.ing women's fashion

7. Shannen Doherty in Heathers (1988)

The ‘80s were rife with iconic coming-of-age films that featured amazing styles and bold wardrobes that inspired young audiences for years to come.

Heathers is known for its dark comedic content that was far too controversial for the adolescent viewers to watch, hence its R rating.

But you don’t need to even watch the film to see why Heather Duke (played by the gorgeous Shannen Doherty) is on this list. 

The iconic turquoise blazer that she wears is a dead-ringer for ‘80s fashion that is worth emulating even today. Although we don’t love her character in the film, we DO feel like there is something to be said about a woman who rocks a boldly-colored suit jacket successfully.

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Josie Blazer and Josie Pants

If there’s anything to take away from Heathers, it’s that you should never bully, nor take revenge on others. Oh, and always look to cult-status movies from another era for fashion inspiration, if nothing else.

J.ING’s Josie Blazer and Josie Pants are a great way to wear Heather Duke’s iconic look. 

This chic set is a perfect way to show your style in an office while still staying within a professional zone. 

The Josie turquoise blazer and pant set is fit for our boss babes, but don’t be afraid to wear it outside of the office; the blazer can be worn over a simple dress or jeans. 

The beautiful and bold color can transform a basic outfit into an iconic look effortlessly.

Bold women's turquoise blazer by j.ing women's fashion

8. Audrey Hepburn's Pink Dior Dress

Audrey Hepburn is among the most iconic figures to ever exist in Hollywood history. 

A classic beauty and still idolized to this day, Hepburn didn’t make it on our list by looks alone!

Despite a seemingly endless portfolio of iconic looks that she has spearheaded, one that anyone can emulate the breathtaking pink Dior Dress she shot in for a photo shoot. 

Standing next to vibrant pink flowers, Hepburn embodies the elegance and effortless beauty of another era. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully emulate this timeless look right now.

Emulate the Look

J.ING's Pink Didi Day Dress

J.ING’s Pink Didi Day Dress is the modern-day iteration of the pink Dior dress worn so gracefully on Hepburn. 

From the color to the cut, we don’t need to say much else for you to see how this dress would make for a perfect dupe!

Pink Didi Day Party Dress by J.ING women's fashion

Now that you've got the scoop on how to achieve these 8 iconic looks from our mega-babe list, go out be the icon  YOU know you are!