The Fashion Yoga Edit: Do It Your Way

It's time to start breaking the rules.

Our identity as women has evolved past single or even dual roles. We have a multitude of possibilities. Our fashion, too, has adapted to these changes to reflect more individual personalities, lifestyles, and cultures. We are no longer bound to one genre. We can rock athleisure and business-casual. We can be professional without sacrificing comfort. We can channel our style for a fancy night out or a supermarket run. 

Daughter. Mother. Sister. Friend. Boss. Athlete. Artist. You have more than one way of defining yourself. So why should you have to settle for one way of expressing it? 

Defy the boundaries this season with our unique hybrid styles of athletic and casual wear. Whether it’s an oversized blazer with leggings or a yoga top with culottes——you decide: how will you wear your confidence? 

More Than Models

Three women. Three looks. Take inspiration from these ladies and the stories behind each look that make them who they are.  

SHOKO - Artist & Illustrator

Creative Shoko finds her muse in the little things around her. Her artistry and feminine style shine through unconventional combinations of ordinary pieces like a pleated skirt or cropped workout top. Like her imagination, there’s no limit to the looks she can create with these wardrobe essentials. 

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MARLEY - Voice Actress and Yoga Instructor

Multi-talented Marley takes her versatile street style from studio to studio in a combo of fitted bra tops and breezy trousers. Whether she needs comfort and breathability for class or a chic outfit to channel a character, she can find it all in one look.

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SVETA - International Model

World-traveler Sveta has a cosmopolitan array of modeling work under her belt. Whether it’s in Europe or Asia, she can own any look with her unique features and diverse experience. Her fresh personality shines through urban combinations of bright yoga sets and minimalist workwear. 

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The possibilities are endless: classic vintage pieces with modern activewear, upgraded lounge wear, feminine silhouettes with menswear accents...

Find the look for your personality. Because there’s more than one layer to every woman.