BACK TO THE (not-so-Basic) BASICS

Basic staples - need they always bore you to death or be delegated to the lower ranks of your #OOTD posts, sometimes without even so much as a mention in the credit tags? The answer, of course, is: NO! Your basic staples should be able to hold your outfits together and perform seamlessly as a versatile piece - whether that be as a supporting character, or the focal point of your ensemble. 

Basic pieces are like the sartorial foundation on which you build an entire look, and J.ING's elevated all your favorites to next-level status

Here are some not-so-basic basic staples that belong in every girl's closet:

Basic Button-Ups

Your classic basic button-up is the shirt that you put on for literally any occasion that requires you to look clean, presentable and smart. Essentially, this is your go-to for events such as a job interview, business meeting, work or even a date. 

The ways to wear a basic button-up are endless, being that it is a clean palette from which to build whatever style you're going for that day. 

Looking to wear something that's professional and classy without looking over-done? Throw on a pair of slacks with your basic button-up and a casual blazer for a look that's business causal. If you're looking for all casual, consider pairing your shirt with some denim bottoms or even a mini skirt for a look that's more playful and relaxed. 

Basic Knits

A basic knit is an essential in the colder months. Not only are they perfect for getting cozy in, but they also look super chic and sumptuous. Layer them over your long-sleeve tops to keep you from the bite of the cold, or wear them under a puffy coat. 

Your basic knitwear can come in the form of a simple sweater, a long-sleeve top or a soft knit cardigan that hangs loosely off the body. 

Although basic knitwear usually consists of just one overall color, you can break the monotony up by opting for a brighter, more vivid tone if you're looking for something that catches the eye. 

If you're seeking a toned-down look, you can find that with neutrals and earth-toned colors like brown, beige, off-white and grey. 

Basic Outerwear

Utility jackets make the perfect outerwear for when you need versatility. They look refined and rugged at the same time, and it's this harmonizing of design in utility-style jackets that make them perfect to wear for any outfit - casual, dressy, professional, etc. 

Since utility jackets usually come in neutral colors like green, khaki, beige and white, most colors look good when worn with these pieces. 

Basic Bottoms

Basic bottoms are like the pillars that hold up any ambitiously-patterned piece that you may be trying on for size. Try to think of how drastically different one looks wearing a pair of blue jeans compared to a pair of slacks. 

Because of the versatility of basic bottoms, there are bottomless ways to wear them to achieve any look you're going for. 

The most important fashion tip that anyone needs to know when it comes to basics is that there really are no rules. In fact, there are no rules in fashion at all.

So go out there and play around with your outfits. This article will still be here for when you want to get back to the basics.

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