Accessorize to the Occasion

Accessorize with your summer outfits to transform your outfits for any occasion 

Edy Ganem wearing jewel-encrusted oversize heart shaped May Earrings by J.ING women's fashion

Edy Ganem in the May Earrings by J.ING ($58)

 Summer time lends itself a plethora of pool parties and an endless array of social situations where everyone wants to look effortlessly gorgeous. 

All the lavish summer looks you’ve been collecting in your closet await, and the possibilities seem to pile up until they’re like a tidal wave looming over your head, big enough to drown a mermaid. 

You’ve got dresses and blouses a-plenty; you’ve got trousers and rompers galore! 

But hyperbole aside – choosing an outfit can be daunting when you have too many options to dig through, and the same can be said for having only a few different pieces that you like to wear (and inevitably, repeat).   

Those who are hoarders of clothing and like to stockpile their staples to their closet’s maximum capacity may feel as though it’s harder to know how to jazz up their endless outfit options.

A surprisingly simple solution would be to pair your looks with an eye-catching accessory. (Accesso)rising to the occasion is easy when you’re prepared with a few unique pieces of jewelry in your arsenal.

Amanda Marshall wearing the May Earrings

iisuperwomanii wearing the Muse Earrings

If you feel a little intimidated by how to match your earrings or necklace with your outfits, you should not be. 
The great thing is, fashion has been doing away with the antiquated "rules of thumb" when it comes to what you wear and how you accessorize.

Who says you can't mix gold-colored finishes with silver hardware? A "coordinated clash" can be pulled off if you've got the confidence to rock whatever you're wearing; using accessories to change up your style and outfit is a fun, chic and unique way to dress up basics, but don’t be afraid to add some bling to your bolder, more intricately-embellished ensembles.

In case you’re struggling to conquer the art of accessorizing, we’ve curated some complete looks paired with brand new earrings and/or necklaces from J.ING that will have you looking like perfection.

Shop these Pairings

Commander Dress and Regal Brooch by J.ING women's fashion and accessories

paired together

 Lex Blouse and Eviee Earrings by J.ING women's fashion and accessories

paired together

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