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TikTok is Bringing Back Y2K!

A resurgence of Y2K style has been going around TikTok and we can’t get enough of this full-circle moment! If you were a teen between 1999 and 2000, you know exactly what we’re talking about. That’s right ladies, it looks like bright crop tops, bandanas, and cargo prints are making a comeback. Just like always, we’re following the trends to deliver the looks you’re craving. Here’s a little comparison of popular Y2K styles from back in the day!

Cardigans Over Crop Tops

According to fashion sites like Lamodanista, celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been rocking Y2K fashion all over Instagram. Fun cardigans over tank tops and crop tops were all the rage pre-millennia. Try our Sweet Lemonade Cardigan over a cream crop to achieve the same look! Also available in black.

Bandana Shirts

Self-tie scarves are all the nostalgia buzz. While our Gladys White Blouse has just a bit more coverage, it has the same look as this pink throwback replica. The secret is the triangle bodice for that handkerchief style!

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been making a splash all throughout 2020 and 2021. Try our Leather Camel Bucket Hat that’s both chic and sleek. The neutral color and fabric give this Y2K accessory a fresh modern feel. Pair with a cool jacket, crop top, or retro hoodie.

Photo Credit: @mariama on Instagram

High Neck Ribbed Sweaters

High-neck ribbed sweaters are a Y2K classic. Popular as a crop top, we’ve created a more classic shape. The Valentina Brown High Neck Sweater is a sweet alternative to a popular retro trend.

Photo Credit: ASOS

Ruched Tops

Ruched tops in pastels and funky patterns will be remembered by every 90s kid. Checkout our lovely Micaela Purple Blouse which features an adjustable fit!

Photo Credit: ASOS

Cargo Pants

Last but not least, who could forget those glorious cargo pants? Our Dennis Wide Slit Hem Jeans are the perfect light-washed Y2K replica. Have you noticed how everyone is wearing them this summer? Thankfully we’ve got plenty of these sought-after denim styles.

Get your Hollaback style with retro outfits now only at J.ING! Shop our website for more spectacular renditions of classic Y2K looks. Don’t forget to check back every week as we’ve got fresh trends rolling in every day! Which Y2K look do you like?