ESTEEMED FOR HER FASHION EXPERTISE | The Mastermind Behind Red-Carpet Looks

Lindsay Jernigan has built a career on making people happy. Today, we dive into the mind of the distinguished celebrity stylist: on expressing your personality and loving yourself with the help of fashion.

A primary function of fashion is to embody your personality and to evoke confidence. So how does a celebrity dress for their personality when someone else styling them? We’ve got the inside scoop from celebrity stylist and #JINGInsider, Lindsay Jernigan.


The Stella Boots

“It’s a collaborative effort. It’s about what they want paired with my expertise of what is going to be best for them.”

Lindsay helps bridge the gap between what her client is naturally inclined to wear with what they want to accomplish. Lindsay is in-the-know about all the current fashion trends, what looks good on what body types, and how to wear unique items that might seem intimidating to the untrained eye.



Textures, colors, and patterns are all major contributors to showcasing the personality of the wearer. In this lively look that Lindsay curated for herself, we can see her use of classic colors, which are made fun with an array of textures and patterns. Lindsay describes her style as “classic with a little edge.” This side of her style is definitely manifested in this off-beat and utterly fabulous ensemble.




Lindsay is a seasoned professional with years of celebrity styling experience and a lifetime of living with the style-bug. Lindsay wouldn't even play with her Barbie dolls unless they were dressed to her standards, and she’s been dressing her friends ever since she was 6 years old. She is always fine tuning her techniques and mixing up her style preferences; her style is ever changing.In this moment, Lindsay is feeling bold while rocking in red; a feel-good color that emits her feisty identity. She makes the Scarlett Dorothy Set more day-to-day with a messy updo and dainty, oversized earrings.

“It’s just whatever is inspiring me in that moment.”


The Blythe Blazer

“One of the great things about fashion is that  you can learn how to love yourself as a whole through how you dress yourself and how you treat yourself in what you wear.”

J.ING designs pieces that can easily transition from early morning errands, to business casual at the office, to a romantic dinner or drinks with your girlfriends. Lindsay produced a look that would be equally suitable for all occasions. She paired the Erna Jacket with a graphic tee and mod statement earrings, fusing casual, chic, bold and femme.

J.ING aspires to arouse confidence in women, and #JINGInsiders like Lindsay share that same desire. Lindsay collaborates with her clients to create a look that will make them feel happy and ready to smash their goals. Lindsay agrees that there is nothing quite as radiant as a woman with a smile; it’s a priceless accessory. J.ING wants to be that driving force behind your smile. Smile because you feel comfortable in your own skin, while wearing the most comfortable of clothing.



 Lindsay recalls one of her stand out works of styling, “She felt so good and loved her look so much that it was to me like the ultimate moment.” Yes, the dress was fabulous; Yes, the accessories mingled flawlessly with the fantastically bold, orange dress, but the real luminosity derived from the confidence she felt while wearing it. Clothing has the ability to bring self-love to surface, and J.ING is wholeheartedly devoted to inspiring the emergence of this self-love. Luckily, looking good and feeling good are correlated. Feeling good is in your hands.




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